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AV Handyman is your expert staff when you don't have one.

Services Offered in the Twin Cities

General Consultation

All audio visual services, training opportunities, best practices, and recommended solutions.

Recommend certain equipment for your space based on your institutional requirements.

Guide in the creation of campus standards.

AV System Design

Meet with you to discuss your scenario, wish list and budget for your space.

Testing the installed systems to make sure everything works properly.

Assisting in troubleshooting and assessing any performance issues where possible.

System Installation & Integration

Arrange quotes to be made by your preferred AV integrators, with whom you have previously contracted or recommend new ones

Determine other cost factors and coordination issues (electrical work, structured cabling, etc.) may be involved so that they can be resolved

System training your staff

Contract Management

The AV contract life cycle:

  • Acquisition and planning
  • Through the RFP solicitation process

From awarding to completion.

Needs Analysis

AV/Multimedia Needs Analysis to determine where AV and Multimedia needs exist and to provide solutions that fit with the culture of your campus.

Determining Classroom technology standards.

Project Management

To use resources efficiently and maintain appropriate timelines to complete projects on time and under budget.

Routine System Maintenance

Yearly System Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance to provide the necessary maintenance for equipment and systems so operation is efficient and optimal.

Why hire AV Handyman?

Dedicated AV Staffing is EXPENSIVE!!
AV Handyman is not!
Solutions recommended by Vendor may not be in your best interest!
AV Handyman sells no product, so they can provide unbiased, non-vendor dependent solutions!
Malfunctioning, improperly set up, or incompatible AV equipment equals frustrated faculty and underserved students.
AV Handyman has the experience to analyze campus needs, provide solutions and maintain instructional systems.
Lack of a classroom technology standard/uniformity cause for increased long term total cost of ownership (TCO)
AV Handyman can establish your classroom standards, lowers TCO and increase the return on your AV investment.

Our Advantages


Having an AV expert on site is not needed every day, so AV Handyman can be available a couple times per month or a few times a year.


Besides the savings of not having to have an AV expert on staff, with the services that AV Handyman can provide, long term TCO is reduced through establishing a campus standard through the analysis of your campus needs.

Happier Faculty & Students

With the expertise that AV Handyman provides, systems on campus are better maintained and operate with fewer issues, less down time, and more satisfaction.

No product/vendor affiliation

Because AV Handyman does not sell product, solutions are unbiased and non-vendor dependent. Standards are designed through campus analysis and not what is on the vendor’s shelf.

Closer Understanding of Campus Culture

The focus of having your own AV expert, is to have an understanding of the culture that exists on your campus. AV Handyman operates as your expert providing a more intimate understanding of your culture and the solutions that are tailored to that culture.

Centrally located

We service the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area, and can quickly take care of your school or business during business hours.

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